About Us


Over the past several years, the MSCA STAR program has evolved and grown in response to market opportunities and changing times. In 2007, MSCA’s GreenSTAR Qualified Contractors Program was introduced in response to the demand for LEED certification, green and sustainability. With today’s focus on energy services and cost-saving strategies, the STAR program is once again positioned to respond. To help MSCA members acquire this qualification, the requirements for GreenSTAR have been revised and updated to better reflect today’s conditions.

Any MSCA member company new to the STAR program will now be able to immediately apply for GreenSTAR qualification. Through local, regional and national marketing efforts, MSCA’s GreenSTARs will now be recognized as THE “Energy Solutions Providers” of choice and the experts to call upon for all of a building’s energy service needs. MSCA is supporting this effort with ENERGY STAR webinars that can be viewed at any time online, Energy Solutions Profile (ESP) our customized reporting software, and other marketing and sales materials.