Why Hire a GreenSTAR?

Why Hire an MSCA GreenSTAR for Your Mechanical Service Needs?

The GreenSTAR program was established in 2007 by the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA), the nation's leading trade association for HVACR contractors, providing education, marketing, and labor/management services to assure its members deliver quality performance, value and expertise for all building system needs.

MSCA GreenSTAR contractors have undergone a thorough review by an independent third party as meeting or exceeding criteria which uniquely qualify them as Energy Solutions Providers of Choice.  This means they have the experience and expertise to identify energy-saving opportunities in your building and can show how you can start saving on energy expenditures immediately by implementing their recommendations. They can also develop a payback schedule based on your specific needs and budget to finance energy conservation measures while realizing cost savings.

MSCA GreenSTAR contractors are at the leading edge of technology, service, quality and value and have the credentials to prove it!  When you hire an MSCA GreenSTAR contractor, you can be assured the company has met the following stringent qualifications:

  • Technicians are certified to ensure the contractor employs the best trained and qualified workforce.  This certification means these technicians have completed a stringent five-year training program and passed a comprehensive exam. 
  • Employees participate in ongoing energy‐specific training programs to ensure they are on leading edge of energy-saving technology and processes so you can rest assured that the technicians working on your building will implement state-of-the-art solutions that meet government standards, both federal and local.
  • The contractor is a recognized leader in energy conservation solutions and measures including energy benchmarking services, energy audits, retrofits, building operations and retro-commissioning.
  • The contractor is an ENERGY STAR Partner with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the government agency on the forefront of supporting energy saving products and services or a member of the Small Business ENERGY STAR Network.
  • The contractor employs LEED certified, energy or sustainability specialists, recognized experts in low environmental impact and energy conservation measures who play a vital role in assessing your building’s specific needs.
  • A companywide service safety and health program is in place and the contractor has an outstanding safety record, ensuring each and every job is done utilizing exemplary safety procedures.
  • The contractor has an established inventory control system, ensuring technicians have the right tools at all times for the job at hand.
  • The highest level of customer service standards is met at all times with an active customer service program and procedures in place to deal immediately with customer concerns or issues.


If you’re looking for a partner in reaching your cost-cutting, energy-saving goals for your building or facility, be sure to hire a GreenSTAR!

Check out our brochure which highlights the many advantages of hiring a GreenSTAR contractor for your mechanical service needs.